Quantum Energy Immune Boost Supplement

No matter whether we have never had COVID, have had COVID, had COVID and taken the vaccine or never had COVID and taken the vaccine,  we all need to optimize our immune response.  A vibrant and healthy immune system remains our best defense whichever path we are on.  It is time to stop defending our path and to begin helping others to be as well as possible.

A famous Jewish doctor in New York, early in the pandemic, was forced to be creative when his community was severely decimated by the virus.  When the drugs he needed were made unavailable, he researched to find another solution.  He discovered that the standard beneficial drugs that were unavailable to him could be replaced by a specific combination of natural supplements.

Without getting too technical, he discovered that zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D3 would greatly diminish the effects of viruses.

We have taken the formula and added iodine for metabolism and energy, copper for circulatory health, and moringa for nutrient support.  I don’t think you will find a better supplement on the market that will address strengthening the immune system.

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  1. Karen Sensenig

    I ordered one bottle before and felt confident in a strong immune system, especially since I also purchased a quantum energy immune booster card.

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