There has never been a better time than now to do what it takes to guard your body, and boost your immunity. The Quantum Energy Immune Boost Solution Patches are encoded with very specific frequencies that help your body and soul to resist and repel any outside force that would do you harm.

It’s an undisputed fact that everything is made from energy, and all energy vibrates. Every substance from the largest object (even the Earth) down to the smallest subatomic particle vibrates at their own specific frequency.

Many scientists have concluded frequencies are the glue holding our Universe together. They believe these omnipresent vibrations came from the word of God as he spoke creation into existence.

 “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17)  

The Quantum Energy Immune Boost Cards restore your body to its original state, allowing you to repel any outside force that would do you harm, as our Creator intended…

  • Made in the USA!
  • 60 day 100% money-back guarantee!
  • Starts to work within 5 seconds!
  • Guards your body, and boosts your immunity!
  • Helps you resist and repel outside forces that mean to do you harm!

Exodus 14:14 – The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. (& use QE Immune Boost Cards!)


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